News & Announcement
Find out about all the latest updates & changes to the Prison Grid server
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Last Post: New Ranks and Mines Update!
by PythonMC
25th Dec 2017, 6:27AM

Avoid getting into trouble by reading both the server & forum rules here.
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Last Post: Server Rules
by Kehben
18th Aug 2017, 2:35AM
General Discussion
Discussion about general topics.
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Last Post: I am quitting.
by FactionsFalcon
4th Jan 2018, 5:57PM

Any videos made on the server can be posted here
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Last Post: Advertisement Video
by KaruOnMC
3rd Nov 2017, 1:29PM
Helper Application
Apply for Helper here!
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Last Post: FreddieRock_05's Revised app
by _ZET
15th Jan 2018, 3:20PM

YouTuber Application
Want to be a YouTuber on Prison Grid? Sign up here now!
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Last Post: Goblins YouTuber Appication
by _ZET
26th Dec 2017, 6:46PM

Build Team Application
Want to build for PrisonGrid? Apply now and show off your amazing builds to the community!
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Last Post: XtraCrispy's Builder Application
by XtraCrispy
22nd Oct 2017, 6:18PM
Player Reports
Have you spotted a player breaking the rules? File a ban report to make sure that they get the punishment they deserve.
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Last Post: TheLapizDragon Hacking
by PythonMC
2nd Nov 2017, 8:33AM

Ban Appeals
Do you feel that your ban was unjust or have evidence to prove that staff has made a mistake? Argue your case here.
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Last Post: Crommbies Ban Appeal
by PythonMC
3rd Jan 2018, 2:59AM
Bug Reports
Have you found a block out of a place or an issue with one of our plugins? Let the team know
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Last Post: Voting
by AdhesiveKitten
8th Jan 2018, 10:51PM

Server Suggestion
Have any suggestions for Prison Grid? Make sure to give your ideas here!
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Last Post: Parkour In Spawn?
by Nova_Wuffy
8th Jan 2018, 9:48PM
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