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By Kehben » 5 months ago
Whilst we hope that the content of this post covers the majority of the in-game do's and don'ts, we encourage players to use common sense where applicable. Staff will always have the final say.

If you are unsure about whether or not a specific mod/client etc is against the rules, please contact a member of staff before using it on the server.
1) No cheats or exploits of any kind; We strictly prohibit the use of cheating or 'hacked' clients. The use of automation or macro tools are also classed as cheating and as such cannot be used on the server.

2) You must not abuse anything which could be classed as a bug to gain an advantage over other players. Please report all bugs in our bug report forum or, if they are particularly game-breaking, please contact an administrator who may even reward you for your report!

3) Do not abuse or be rude to members of staff for any reason. If you have an issue with a member of staff please contact a senior member of the admin team. Members of staff will help wherever possible but please remember that they are people too so don't be rude if they don't reply for whatever reason.

4) You must not release or discuss personal information of other players with the intent to embarrass or shame.

5) Trash-talk in public chat is permitted due to the nature of the game mode. We have a chat filter in place which can optionally be disabled by typing /chat filter. Any attempt to bypass the chat filter will not be tolerated. Players who are being excessively abusive or offensive will still be subject to punishment.

6) You must not spam chat. This includes posting nonsensical content or flooding the chat with messages in a short amount of time.

7) Items on the PrisonGrid server can only be sold and traded for in game money or other in-game items. Offering real-world money or other digital goods for items or money is strictly prohibited.

8) We take threats against players or staff just as seriously as the actions themselves. Do not threaten to do anything that could be seen as breaking the rules or you will be punished. We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy on threats to DDoS/DoS and 'swatting'.

9) Please do not advertise other servers. This includes names or IP addresses. You can, of course, discuss other servers within your own Faction chat.

10) Do not attempt to bypass the AFK flagger. This includes using in game methods such as infinite water loops to keep your player moving or external tools.