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IGN: XtraCrispy
By XtraCrispy » 3 months ago
IGN: XtraCrispy
Age: 14
Timezone: CET
Do you have discord?: Yes
Tell us a little bit about you: I'm 14 y/o and i live in sweden, I play soccer 3 days a week and minecraft daily ;). I've been playing minecraft for over 8 years now (started around 1.5-1.6)
Why would you like to join the Build team? Because i feel like to help this server with building and because I would like to be staff on this server!
Have you ever been on a Build team? Yes once! It was on a Swedish server called PigPvP (Big Swedish PvP Server, It got shut down) But there i built a lot of stuff, like arenas and more!
Do you have a specific style of building? Not really, I just build what I'm suppose to build! But if i had to choose I'll probably choose Medieval or fantasy!
How long have you been building? Approximately? I've been building for about 2 years!
Below provide the screenshots or videos of your previous creations: I've no screens left and i don't have any servers left. :( 

Any additional information you'd like to add: Not really.

Thanks for reading //XtraCrispy :D