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IGN: Salesians
By Salesians » 17 days ago

IGN: Salesians

Previous IGNS:

TimeZone: GMT

PlayTime: 13 hour 43 minutes and 35 seconds [Hustler Rank]

Age: 16 years old // born the 21st of January 2001

Access to discord and a working mic: Yes

Ability to record minecraft videos: Yes, I recording videos for you tube on an almost daily basis

Multilingual: No

Are you an active minecraft player: Yes I play a few games on my PC including the sims, minecraft & some other online games. I enjoy prisons and skyblock and I consider them both my favorite minecraft game modes. I enjoy playing on Prison Grid and chatting with the friends I have made and all the amazing people that are online daily and it's just overall a great place to show activity and play on due to the community and friendly members

How much time do you have to contribute to the role: I spend quite a while on prison grid each day and love to interact with lots of people and spend time with them on the server. I can contribute over 4 - 5 hours on weekdays to prison grid and on the weekends I can come on whenever is needed. I'm always open to staying on if help is needed.

Have you ever received any punishments on the server: No i have not and I do not plan to receive any punishments

Scenario - Suppose it's your first week of being a helper and you mute a well known player. Their guild mates start spamming your twitter calling you a bad helper and telling you to unmute them. What would you do: I would tell the members of the guild that they may also receive punishments if they continue to spam and cause drama on the server. I would try my best to provide screenshots to an administration member and ask them to deal with the issue for I personally don't think a helper may have the power to deal with that many members. If a helper does have that power I would tell them that they must stop what they are doing immediately or they too will receive punishments. I'm thinking a lot of members would maybe block the members on twitter but I would not incase they ever had issues and they also needed help and I could provide that help via twitter. It's a low chance but still a chance

My best moment on prison grid: For me personally it was when I reached level five prestige. I was working so hard to reach it and was so happy when I reached it for i felt i was finally catching up with some other players haha

Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?: I don't often make small mistakes and the few I have made have been quite large this year, mainly being around personal family issues. Therefore I won't be sharing any of the mistakes I have made and I hope the staff team understands and respects the privacy I ask for around this question

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?: I really enjoy singing outside of minecraft and gaming in general. I have dealt with social anxiety and singing for me is a way to open up and express emotions that I find hard to express in general. I sing in a choir with a few friends of mine and I'm working on my own CD that will be releasing this year. I released an album with my own solo last year with my choir and it was for sure one of the biggest and best moments of my life. Music has helped me in so many ways and it's by far one of my biggest hobbies

Previous experience in moderation, administration and management:
District Network : District Network was my first server that i created and required me to be ready to dedicate time to a lot of players at one time. This server had a pb of around 80 - 120 members. This was a huge network consisting of 2 pvp servers, 2 faction servers and a sky block server. My friend at the time Cominq was also owner of this server with me. I gained lots of experience on here with talking to people and solving issues asap. I feel my most gained skill on here would definitely be communication skills for i was solving issues via support rooms which required a lot of time in and out of team speak.

Blast Network : Blast was a server that i owned after being invited to co-own it with a friend. Blast was not very successful and had a pb of about 30 members. This did not last long due to lack of advertisement and in general bad quality servers. at this time i was still quite young and therefore i had so much to learn and i personally feel I have learnt a lot from owning both of these servers and having such a high rank. Of course there is always space to learn more and i do learn more everyday when on different servers even just playing.

Legend Central : Legend was a very successful factions server that i played a year ago or so and i really enjoyed game play on their so i decided to apply for staff. I got helper rank and played their for quite awhile before eventually leaving due to the server having a lack of updates. I'm sure some can understand that it's hard to dedicate a lot of time to the one game mode when theirs nothing changing and nothing attracting new members every day. I learnt a lot of patience on here for at times it was stressful due to wanting to do more for the server but my rank as quite low so i was sorta in the shadows.

TheHyperNova : I was helper on the hypernova for a month or so i think it wasn't a very eventful job for me personally for there was not much to do due to the server being in beta. Beta wasn't a very eventful phase and to be honest the old owners seemed a bit out of it with what to do. There was quite a few issues with beta which is to be expected but it didn't really go very well and beta ended fast with a new owner being put into the team and the other owner dropping to manager before eventually leaving. I think it was really just dedication issues but i can't judge that really. I did gain quite a bit of experience on the hypernova with learning about reading my first ever hand staff booklet and realizing there was so so so much more to moderating a server and having a proper website to part with that and being active on all platforms etc.. Hyper nova was a big wake up call and required a lot of work but was really worth it, i was not the best staff member back then and i feel i myself have improved after quite a few months.

StrideZone: StrideZone was one of the final servers i myself tried to create. Stride was another factions server i wanted to make for other people but it didnt end well for the pb was around 15 - 20 for we didn't advertise. I did not really gain any experience on here but i did deal with ddosers, doxers and got doxxed myself. This woke me up and i learnt about protecting servers better and my information better in general.

Hyversal: Hyversal was a hcf server i applied for and learnt a bit about hcf and ssing (still terrible at it) but it was quite the experience. I was demoted off Hyversal for inactivity when i had some family issues that i had to deal with. Nothing much to say about hyversal for it was not a game mode i often played nor enjoyed.

Scenario - You come home from school/work and have a ton of homework/work to do, you think to yourself I'll just take a 5-minute break before I start and get on Prison Grid. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed and you've been on the server all that time. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?: No. I feel I have a great balance in homework, school work, social life and gaming. I enjoy all of these topics to some extent and I like to give them all the time needed to get through my days. I do spend time on prison grid a lot but I like to think I do have some great punctuation and time management skills

Scenario - You're in a busy lobby as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messages from 2 different players both asking you to get them a moderator for a hacker, someone then messages you on Discord telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do?: I would ask the member on discord to please wait a moment or contact a discord administrator for I have some problems to deal with ingame. I would then provide the help needed ingame to all members and ensure no drama or issues are in chat and that everyone is enjoying their time on the server.

Anything else we should know: That is all thanks


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By _ZET » 16 days ago
Detailed and cohesive application.
All the servers you mentioned exist (and the majority are still up)
You seem active ingame although I'd prefer that you get a bit more playtime to really get a feel for the community

- zet


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IGN: Salesians
By Salesians » 10 days ago
Bump - not sure if I can do this sorry if it's not allowed.